Author: itemeleven

Cult of Personality

This will not be about video games – you’ve been warned. I poked in and out of the RNC this week. It was utterly macabre. I don’t know much about cults. I’ve READ about cults. But from I gather, cults tend to feed off misinformation, exhaustion, gullibility and fear. If you fit into these categories, […]

Fun With Death Cults

Well it certainly has been an interesting time. NBA is back…in August…which is weird…but like a warm blanket and a puppy dog snuggled against me I’ll take it. The bubble is holding and it looks like the NBA is holding up their end of the bargain (and keeping all wing trips to Magic City in […]

Into the Backlog!

Well since we had to do a Coronavirus retcon here in Texas I’ve had plenty of time to dig into my backlog. So let’s go on some adventures. Games Are Too Long – An Editorial I finished The Last of Us Part Two and Luigi’s Mansion 3. And while I finished both of them (add a FINALLY […]

Violent Delights

Let’s take a moment to talk about a game that I would summarize as a reflective, violent and beautiful vengeance suite. I’m (yikes) 11 hours into The Last of Us Part II. When I finished the first game I was staunchly against a sequel – I felt the story ended perfectly and the gameplay was […]