Cult of Personality

This will not be about video games – you’ve been warned.

I poked in and out of the RNC this week. It was utterly macabre.

I don’t know much about cults. I’ve READ about cults. But from I gather, cults tend to feed off misinformation, exhaustion, gullibility and fear. If you fit into these categories, then you are probably easily duped, shammed, shamed and bullied into believing.

Here’s a shocker for you – I would consider myself a reformed Republican. I voted in the primary for Bush in 2000. But as I grew and educated myself I found that the party started to drift into the ocean. It started with baseless war mongering. It dived into racism cloaked in fiscal responsibility, And now it cloaks itself as a conservative Christian ideology that hides layers of fear, greed, power, casual misogyny, habitual lying, casual racism and White nationalism.

This is no longer the party of Reagan, Bush, McCain, Romney, Dole, Bush Sr, etc but a party of one Donald Trump.

He and his crew want you to believe we are moving forward.

The economy has recovered for stock brokers, not for those that are unemployed from the virus.

They want you to think that we had a plan for coronavirus and that it will go away but we are almost at 200K dead and pushing 300K after Election Day with no WORKING vaccine until early next year. Even then, early deployments will be spotty at best.

They want you to think the streets are burning and that everything is crumbling around you (Note: it’s not, shit only gets stirred up when minorities start dying for no reason. No one is coming to burn Abilene or Round Rock down anytime soon, so calm down.)

They want you to think anti-fascists are going to come take you in the middle of the night (lololololol).

They want to hit that protective center in your brain that things are going to be taken away from – from guns, religion, God (which I find hilarious), even hamburgers…

They want you to get your information from Facebook or Twitter because you are too tired to read the news or research it yourself so fringe sites fill the void from both political spectrums.

They want you to think that a man that has had multiple marriages, affairs, (now) human rights violations and other scandals is going to be the knight in shining armor protecting us from cannibals and child molesters. Even though this is a pure troll yet fringed and stupid people believe in it and the party has embraced it.

They use the word “socialism” as a boogie man for helping our fellow man and advancing the greater good. Always.

So color me scared when I see the RNC abandon a platform, even one I don’t believe in, to instead take a loyalty oath for Donald Trump and his crew. And then to hold a campaign event on the lawn of the White House with zero masks, zero distancing, no plan for the future, no recognition of the current, and no recognition of the pain and suffering everyone is experiencing in their wallets, in their health, in their job or just life in general (cancelled weddings, cancelled funerals, etc – we couldn’t even see my dad in the Hospital).

I understand Joe Biden is not everyone’s first or second choice. I get that. I understand that. Hell I wanted a Warren/Sanders combo with Harris as Attorney General… but I also know that we have some tough decisions to make and that in order to walk again, we have to crawl again.

We can’t turn a blind eye to a virus that has zero partisan objectives.

We can’t turn a blind eye to minorities dying in our streets and when they speak up we start parotting “All Lives Matter” or “Back the Police” or “LAW AND ORDER” or some kind of ra-ra horseshit.

We have to find a way to recover the economy for not just the 1% but everyone.

We cannot be split – cast parties aside, come together, make a new path. The one we are on is broken and is going to get us all killed or worse under an autocratic regime. I would expect nothing less from someone who writes letters to Putin and Kim-Jung Un and Edrogan . . .

I always joked when I see how people are flouting the disease and brushing it off – either from regular people or from the government. I joke “Die for Donald 2020” here on Facebook.

After this week’s shitshow, I think despite not having a platform during the RNC this week they finally figured one out.

Join the cult. Die for Donald 2020.