Fun With Death Cults


Well it certainly has been an interesting time. NBA is back…in August…which is weird…but like a warm blanket and a puppy dog snuggled against me I’ll take it. The bubble is holding and it looks like the NBA is holding up their end of the bargain (and keeping all wing trips to Magic City in check). NHL same thing. MLB is a hot flaming garbage wreck. I fail to see how the NFL and college sports are going to function without bubbles until we get things flattened and tamped down. Those that continue to flaunt rules, play games, stop giving a shit or have secret influencer parties are all apart of one giant death cult that I want nothing to do with.

Speaking of death cults, the missus and I finally got around to watching Midsommar. Its been sitting in our Vudu queue for months now. Digital movie sales are just as bad/impulsive as Steam sales but I will gladly try a movie out for $5. I have so much to tell you about your future media habits, past Jason…

Anyway – Midsommar. Man, I wished I had watched it sooner. Ari Aster’s sophomore effort is an incredibly deep folk-horror movie. A luscious mashup of hypnotic visuals, aural cues, and B-movie violence – Midsommar is a break-up movie of epic proportions. Also if you’re partner starts taking notes during it please kindly step your relationship game up a tad…

If you haven’t seen it, it is well worth your time. Now I need to go watch Hereditary.

Image: Koei/Tecmo

Ghost of Tsushima is installed and ready on my PS4 but it’s going to have to wait a moment as (speaking of Steam sales) I picked up Nioh for the PC and have been jamming on that with the settings cranked up.

While I admire the Souls games and others of the same ilk, I prefer AND get more enjoyment out of using mods and becoming a walking death machine while focusing on the combat, weapons, loot, etc. Kinda like Diablo 3. For me it allows me to cut down on the time spent due to busy work/life schedules, plus it’s not taking me days just to get to another part of the game because I have old-man hands/reflexes now.

Nioh and the like are very loot focused after defeating an enemy. I get that endorphin rush of picking up new equipment like lightning blades and spirit animals to try out. I’m having a ball. To me, it feels like the game Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden creators) always wanted to make. But it’s seeped in Japanese history (the folks behind the INTIMIDATING Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Nobunaga’s Ambition games filled in the historical blanks), folklore and tales of yokai. I mean just look-it…spirit animals!

Image: Koei/Tecmo

Other than that, still riding the quarantine wave – how you be?